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InSSIDer is a free wireless network inspection tool created by MetaGeeks. This tool makes it easy to inspect wireless networks through a series of surveys. Unlike a lot of other wireless scanners, InSSIDer works well with Windows Vista and Windows XP. In addition, InSSIDer is simple to use thanks to clearly marked sections and a helpful guide.

MetaGeeks developers had user-friendliness in mind when creating InSSIDer. When running an InSSIDer scan, users will note that each wireless signal has been separated by a different color. Color coded signals makes it easier for users to identify each signal as a separate entity. Real time surveys make it easy for users to accurately view current wireless settings. Wireless connections that do not have strong signals can be diagnosed right away using InSSIDer. Even though scanning wireless networks can be complicated, there’s nothing complex about InSSIDer.

For ease of use and thoroughness, InSSIDer earns top marks. Individuals and network administrators will find InSSIDer helpful and accurate. This freeware program can be downloaded from the MetaGeeks website or through various other download sites. Anyone seeking to view a wireless network around the clock will find InSSIDer is one of the best wireless network inspection tools available.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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